Welcome to Lake Atitlan

Measuring 130 square kilometeres and 300 meters deep, Lake Atitlan is considered to be the largest lake in Central America. The lake is situated in a caldera that was formed during a massive eruption thousands of years ago. Surrounding the lake are three volcanoes: San Pedro, Atitlan, And Toliman.

We organize hikes and treks to these volcanoes, and also to locations around Antigua, Quetzaltenango, and from Lake Atitlan to Quetzaltenango. We trek and hike weight loss through rural areas in order to experience the beautiful landscape, rivers, corn plantations, and local life. We offer both private and collective tours around the lake, as well as bicycle tours, kayak trips, and horse-back rides.

Our guides are tri-lingual (Mayan Cakchiquel-Spanish-English), and are members of the local community. We hope you enjoy your stay, and we encourage you to explore the natural environment and cultural heritage of this beautiful place.